Seafood isn’t our business, it’s our heritage. The Daniels family comes from three generations of commercial fishing. It is our goal to preserve our heritage for generations to come. To make sure of this commitment Wanchese Fish Company belongs to several organizations dedicated to preservation and sustainability. Look at the logos below to show a few of the organizations which we belong to.

Sustainability - Wanchese Fish Company

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Wanchese Fish Company has some products that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). These products demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Try our MSC certified Patagonia scallop product line.

FishWatch, a division of National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, supports the
sustainability of all FishWatch - US Seafood Facts - www.fishwatch.govAmerican-produced seafood. Click Here to visit the FishWatch website and note the sustainability of specific products.

Aquaculture is another area Wanchese is beginning to explore. In an effort to decrease the pressure on wild fisheries, the Daniels family is beginning to grow aqua culture oysters. In this way we are consistently providing a quality product with a low-impact on the environment. Better yet, this Wanchese oyster endeavor is spear-headed by a member of the Daniels family.

In addition, our fleet meets all conservation requirements mandated by the federal and state governments. Each of our shrimp trawl nets include a Turtle Exclusion Device (TED) as well a By-Catch Reduction Devices (BRD). These devices help reduce the
amount of bycatch of small fish.